Saperavi Old Vine 2019


Red wine with an intense robe. Wine rich in ripe and rounded phenols, easy to drink despite its high alcohol content. Complex aromas of berries, French plums and blackcurrant, with delicate notes of vanilla and carnations. Pleasant and complex palate, with a long persistence. This wine has great aging potential and will show with time the best qualities of the Saperavi grape.

Manufacturer: JSC Corporation Kindzmarauli
Winery: Duruji Valley, GE, Khakhetia
Grape varieties: 100% Saperavi
Age of the vineyard: more than 35 years
Yield : 3 tons per hectare
Category:Dry red wine
Alcohol level: 13,5°.
Wine maturation : 24 months


Classic fermentation with the must, for 3 weeks, then malolactic fermentation and aging in barrels for 2-3 years.


Saperavi Vieilles Vignes is a high quality wine due to the soil and microclimate of its specific area, which is surrounded by the Kavkasioni forests to the north and the Alazani valley to the south. The best vineyards in this micro-area belong to the Kindzmarauli Corporation and represent the oldest and highest quality wines, dating back several centuries.
In order for the wine to reach this high quality, the regulation of the harvest begins at the initial phase of the cutting. During the cutting process, all damaged and injured grapes are removed. Finally, the unripe (green) grapes are picked so that only one bunch remains on each shoot. This green harvest reduces the harvest by 50%, but this process considerably increases the quality of the wine.

Température conseillée ​:
18 à 20° degrés
Accords mets-vin :
Viandes rouges rôties
Accord mets-vin ​:
Fromages Italy