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V i n s g é o r g i e n s e t m o l d a v e s

Our team invites you on a journey to discover the oldest civilization of wine, which is considered the cradle of viticulture.

The only wine shop offering Georgian wines in Luxembourg, natural and amazing wines, our small team of friends passionate about wine and gastronomy, including George, Georgian, and Aurelie, Moldavian, who grew up with the Vine and the Wine tradition. Their origins make their passion for wine grow and the desire to transmit it. Discover the history of Georgian Prestige and taste the best Georgian and Moldavian wines in Luxembourg.

The best of the best

Georgian Prestige - Grande Réserve 2013

Red wine with an intense garnet color and purple reflections. First nose of intense vanilla, leaving on a second nose of blackberry, note of tonka bean, bitter cocoa, floral aromas of rose petal on a woody finish and Espelette pepper. Powerful palate, aromatic complexity, intense cocoa and acidulous violet notes reminiscent of candy.

Dry red wine


Wine made according to the ancestral method “Qvevri”, whose maceration and fermentation are done in buried jars over a period of 6-8 months. It is a dry red wine with an intense red color, in the nose you will find a complexity of aromas and notably red fruits, powerful in the mouth and well balanced. To be served at a temperature of 16-18° and goes wonderfully with grilled meats.

Dry white wine

Rkatsiteli Qvevri

White wine with a coppery color and an old gold sheen. First nose of fresh hazelnuts, second fruity nose of dried apricots, floral note of acacia flower on a herbaceous finish. Powerful mouth, with a beautiful roundness, fruity of citrus fruit on a mineral final.


Our team is at your disposal to organize wine tasting sessions at home, in your company, or for any other event for which you would like to propose Georgian and Moldavian wines

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Présentation de deux verres de vin accompagnés de grappes de raisins.

With our selection of Georgian and Moldavian wines, discover surprising wines! Available for tasting in Luxembourg City and Grande Région, and for sale in our letzshop.

Georgia is now recognized as the country with the oldest viticulture in the world. Remains of nearly 8000 years attest it as clay jars, named “quevri” or “kvevri”, used for the fermentation and the conservation of wine. Wine is derived from the Georgian word “gvino”. Passionate about Georgia? Learn to appreciate Georgian wines with flavors of Georgian gastronomy.


L e b e r c e a u d u v i n

Jarres traditionnelles utilisées dans le but de vinifier le vin Géorgien.