Mtsvane Dry 2020


White wine with a pale yellow color and golden and silver reflections. Floral nose with notes of small white flowers, fresh aroma of pink grapefruit, subtly peppery, on a mineral and yellow fruit finish. The attack in mouth is frank and greedy on a final of grapefruit

Manufacturer: JSC Corporation Kindzmarauli
Winery: Duruji Valley, GE, Khakhetia
Grape varieties: 100% Mtsvane
Age of the vineyard : more than 10 years
Yield : 8 tons per hectare
Category:Dry white wine
Alcohol level : 12°.
Wine maturation: 6 months


After harvesting, the grapes are destemmed, then the berries are crushed, an operation which aims to tear the skin of the grape by crushing it with a delicate pressure in order to release the pulp. Then the juice is recovered, separating the liquid part from the pomace, which is formed of solid parts. The wine “Mtsvane” is produced from this liquid which represents less than 55% of all the must. It is after the treatment and the cleaning of the must that the alcoholic fermentation takes place strictly controlled under a temperature of 17 to 19°C.


The grapes are grown in the private vineyards of the Kindzmarauli company, which are spread throughout the Duruji river valley. Surrounded by the Caucasus mountain range and the river, this region has a rich soil of black schist, which creates a unique condition for the good development of the vine, and for the production of high quality wines.

Température conseillée ​:
12-16° degrés
Accords mets-vin :
Salades exotiques & Charcuteries
Accord mets-vin ​:
Fromages Italy