Tsinandali AOC 2019


White wine with a golden yellow color and silver reflections. The first nez smoked, which evolves on a second more fruity, dominated by exotic fruits, such as lychee. Intense dry fruit palate reminiscent of fresh almonds, with floral nuances of white flowers, on a finish of dry apricot. Nice persistence in the mouth.dry white wine

Manufacturer: JSC Corporation Kindzmarauli
Winery: Duruji Valley, GE, Khakhetia
Grape varieties: 50% Rkatsiteli + 50% Mtsvane
Age of the vineyard: more than 20 years
Yield : 10 tons per hectare
Category:Dry white wine
Alcohol content: 12,5°.
Wine maturation : 6 months


The whole bunches are pressed as softly as possible, after which the juice is recovered, separating the liquid part and the pomace formed from the solid parts (Tsinandali wine is produced from this liquid which represents less than 45% of all the must). It is after the treatment and the cleaning of the must that the alcoholic fermentation takes place strictly controlled under a temperature of 17 to 19°C. The wine is then matured until August of the following year.


The grapes are grown in a specific area of the region, Tsinandalii (PDO plot) is one of the best known names among Georgian dry white wines. The high quality of the wine in the Tsinandali micro-zone is conditioned by the presence of carbonates in the soils and by the microclimate that dominates in this zone. These conditions preserve the acidity even after the grapes have matured, which is important for this particular wine.

Température conseillée ​:
14-16° degrés
Accords mets-vin :
Poularde pochée & Dorades
Accord mets-vin ​:
Fromages Italy