Kindzmarauli 2019


This wine has a rich pomegranate color with purple highlights, which is typical for this particular micro area and wine type. It is distinguished by a pleasant aroma of red fruits and cherries that gives it a delicate taste. The sweetness harmoniously balances the acidity, and delivers a pleasant aftertaste, proof that this is indeed a wine of great quality.

Manufacturer: JSC Corporation Kindzmarauli
Winery: GE, Khakhetia, AOC Kindzmarauli
Grape varieties: 100% Saperavi
Age of the vine: more than 10 years
Yield : 5 tons per hectare
Category:Semi-dry red wine
Alcohol content: 12,5°.
Wine maturation : 6 months


After harvesting, the grapes are destemmed, then the berries are crushed, an operation which aims to tear the skin of the grape by crushing it with a delicate pressure in order to release the pulp
Then follows the controlled alcoholic fermentation, it is precisely during this stage, when the sugar or part of the sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide under the action of yeast, that the transformation of the must into wine takes place. The new wine is then chilled to ensure that it retains the remaining sugars.


The Kindzmarauli company owns 200 of the 300 specific vineyards for Kindzmarauli wine, known since ancient times as the royal vines, is produced according to a traditional winemaking process, which is one of the best in Georgia according to the quality standards of wine. The micro-zone of Kindzmarauli has a soil containing high levels of black schist, which allows the production of a high quality wine. The characteristic of this area is also the strong presence of wild aromatic plants like coriander.

Température conseillée ​:
16-18° degrés
Accords mets-vin :
Canard ou Chocolat
Accord mets-vin ​:
Fromages Italy